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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

7 months ago#1
The ability to submit anonymous feedback on contributions such as top ten lists and walkthroughs is one that is often abused. I think it's rather strange that this feedback is anonymous in the first place (what's the harm in attaching a username to a comment? It's not very different from sending the user a PM), but overall I don't have a problem with it. What I do have a problem with is that there is no way to report or delete abusive feedback messages. I couldn't care less about the ratings of a particular contribution, but if someone is cussing me out or telling me to go kill myself (I'm not saying that either of these things have happened, mind you), I'd like for some type of action to be possible against this sort of negativity.

A button that allows you to report a feedback message would be ideal. A moderator could look at the message, delete it and negate the user's vote if it was, and then penalize the user if necessary.

At the very least, an option to hide a negative feedback message so that you don't have to look at it when you check your feedback would be nice.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

7 months ago#2
Not sure if you're aware but, with respect to your final paragraph, the comment can be deleted (click the X at the right side of the comment) - though this doesn't delete the vote nor will it be reviewed (so no matter how abusive it was, no percussion will happen). (Not sure if you meant negative as in a downvote or as in abusive.)

Not that I disagree with you - quite the opposite, I think some sort of countermeasure to trolls and worse should be enabled. It's pretty disheartening and demoralizing for contributors to be treated like crap, which has led to multiple people pulling their work and leaving.

Of course there's the other side which says you basically put your stuff there in a highly public area and thus do so with the understanding someone will eventually crap on it, that you need to grow resistant to it, and that any sort of reporting or flagging would obviously require further time from the site staff to verify.

And on top of that the admins historically have been willing to at least remove the most egregious ones. But obviously that is a problem in that not everyone is aware of it.

Honestly while I'm with you on this, this has been hashed out time and time again ever since the comment system arose. So I'm exceptionally doubtful anything will change.
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User Info: TriforceSD

7 months ago#3
While I haven't written any FAQ's, I would not tolerate this either. It's one thing to "grow thick skin" but threatening comments like that should have consequences.

Yes, I'll sign.
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  3. Add "report" button for abusive feedback on contributions
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