Mobile Restrictions (Similar to Online/Flash)

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User Info: Adeleine

5 months ago#1
Have some kind of popularity requirement for Android and IOS games similar to Flash & Online. The reason why is because, like online, anyone can make a mobile game and there are thousands of "games" on the website that either nobody knows, cares about, or is a joke. If there are Flash requirements, there should be mobile requirements, too. They are very similar.

At least clear out some of the jokes if that's too much. Examples:

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

5 months ago#2
IIRC during what Allen dubbed "the APPening", that's precisely what happened: the site scrubbed a bunch of iOS stuff from the database based on certain criteria like popularity.

I forget what all the evaluations were based off of and I don't think specific criteria (how many downloads for example) were made public. I also don't know if those same standards were applied since then.

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