Deleted OPs in archived topics should be anonymized.

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User Info: EvilswarmOphion

5 months ago#1
If a user deletes the first post in a topic that is archived, the topic should display some kind of placeholder for the username. As it stands currently, if the TC deletes the first post in an archived topic, the username remains visible.

The primary reason I am suggesting this is due to the fact that if a user seeks to undergo a username change on the grounds of getting a clean slate of sorts, ultimately the original username can be traced back to the new username if the user was cited/quoted even just once in any topic the user created, even if they deleted all of their old posts beforehand.

And yes, I know just creating a fresh account is always an option. But there are some things you can't do here without having accumulated significant karma, so there are definitely use cases for this feature.

User Info: Montie2k

5 months ago#2
*signs*, not only for this, but because without doing this it would undermine all the reasons for which they removed the user information on all other posts in the first place.
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User Info: FarplaneDragon

5 months ago#3
With the way topic archiving works, at least to my understanding, I don't honestly think this would be possible.
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  3. Deleted OPs in archived topics should be anonymized.

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