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User Info: chaoyun2k

9 months ago#11
I agree that purge/archive rates should be adjusted.
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User Info: ironyisntdead

9 months ago#12
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User Info: ReyVGM

9 months ago#13

I don't like the idea of archiving, at least not so quickly like it is now.

User Info: DarkDoc

8 months ago#14

Happy1912 posted...
I wonder if it has to do with the servers and space needed. And that;s why they archive on the current time frame.

Nah. A topic tkes up the same space whether it's active, or read-only. They don't need to be archived at all.

User Info: RocketJess

8 months ago#15

I cannot think of any reason why it makes sense to archive topics more quickly when the board has low traffic. It lowers the chance of people getting the help they need, and increases the amount of “useless” threads that consist of a question without any answers.

Alternately, people can repeatedly bump their topic before it locks (creating more posts without useful content) until it gets to the arbitrary limit of six posts, at which point it is suddenly worth of staying active for a month?

Even that is not a huge amount of time for a long discussion (eg. story analysis) that’s run its main course but may be better left open for the discussion to continue at a slower pace but still build on and reply to what people have said earlier.

Also, the way the way the time scales depending on how many total active posts are on the board makes it hard to maintain a long-running topic because its own length affects the lock date - and also reduces the amount of time that other people’s posts stay open. Having the “time limit” potentially reduce by over a week because we hit an arbitrary limit of total posts in the forum makes it very hard to keep track of whether a discussion is close to being locked forever. (Check the forum, count the active topics, consult the list of how many days that translates to?)

If nothing else, some sort of ‘appeal’ system where you can request the reopening of a thread would be very useful. (Perhaps with a limit per user that you earn over time, to avoid an endless stream of requests.)
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User Info: TheFifthPerson

8 months ago#16
This is honestly something that has always bugged me on GameFAQs. If I look at a board and see nothing but archived topics I'll assume it's dead and go elsewhere. But I'd be inclined to post in an open topic if there was one. I wonder if extending the archiving times could therefore allow new communities to develop on these boards?


User Info: Vycoul

8 months ago#17

As they are now, the archival rates are out and out killing discussion on old game boards.
There have been countless times that I wanted to help or chime in on a topic, only to see it had been closed.
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User Info: Lord_Shadow

8 months ago#18
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User Info: TriforceSD

8 months ago#19
Is modifying the archiving schedule hard to do? I'd love to know the reasoning behind why it hasn't been changed. Like I said, this has been brought up so many times and I don't recall any reasons why it can't be implemented.
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User Info: M0NSTER_

8 months ago#20
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