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  3. Implement level restrictions for ability to make notifications/mentions

User Info: NinjaNomad196

10 months ago#11
Anything to help contain the boards even if just by a little bit.

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User Info: Spookyryu

10 months ago#12
trolls are annoying in this site moderators need to do something


User Info: MageODeath

10 months ago#13
Down with trolls!

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User Info: BanjoDude98

10 months ago#14
Wow, this is picking up pretty fast. Thanks everyone who's signing and giving their input on the matter.

Off-topic: @snake_5036 Love the avatar and the sig!
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User Info: Retrowire

10 months ago#15

AdhesiveWombat is the greatest chiptune electro artist ever.

User Info: The_Ninjadillo

10 months ago#16

Would be nice to have implemented.
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User Info: gnome from nome

gnome from nome
10 months ago#17

Something needs to be done with this. Not only are these accounts @mentioning users to harass, they are also Following users with multitudes of accounts and thus creating more Notifications. I can’t imagine having to review all the Suspended Provisional and New Accounts.
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User Info: stha guy

stha guy
10 months ago#18

User Info: snake_5036

10 months ago#19
BanjoDude98 posted...
@snake_5036 Love the avatar and the sig!

Thank you, hope your suggestion is at least considered by the staff =)
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User Info: Figuresk8er

9 months ago#20
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  3. Implement level restrictions for ability to make notifications/mentions
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