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User Info: Multisystemplay

6 months ago#1
Hot: u kno site maintainers, if one of ur goals is to make sure people can get help for the games they have on this site; it was easier to tell what experts were available and for what when first u selected what system the game was for, like from a selection list that had all systems from 1985 when the original Nintendo came out to the newest system that is out in 2017 or 2018, then type the game name in or select it from the list alphabetically, then automatically under each different thing (I.e.: walkthroughs, faqs, guides) the experts that were available on this gamefaqs site that could help would b displayed. Now it is very hard to locate the right ones or the ones available are only geared toward very specified particular games (I.e. Pokemon or other only anime games).

User Info: yoshifan1

6 months ago#2
I'm sorry, what?
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User Info: TriforceSD

6 months ago#3
Had to read this a few times to understand what was being said, or at least I think i do!
It seems pretty straight forward to me. The systems in each generation are in alphabetical order. You click on the system of your choice and hit all games and then scroll through the list, also in alphabetical order. Not sure about the "expert" thing, but if this was a thing, I don't know about it. Does seem that having an "expert" would be nice for dead boards and for boards with now FAQ's, etc.

The only thing I would prefer is that each system generation be listed in one or two rows instead of how it's listed now but this is a minor thing.
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