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  3. Can we please change back the way the alphabet is sorted when browsing games?

User Info: slk_23

9 months ago#1
Because currently, it goes from top to bottom. Absolutely nobody reads the Latin alphabet like that intuitively. Everybody knows that it goes from left to right. That's actually how it was until the site changed it a few weeks ago. I have no idea why because that actually made way more sense. I can't even take a screenshot of the old way because it's now gone. A top-to-bottom alphabet like this does not make things easier, so can we at least change the way the letters are arranged?

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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

9 months ago#2
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User Info: reiko sawamura

reiko sawamura
9 months ago#3
I second (third?) this. The drop-down menus are so counter-intuitive it's ridiculous, I honestly don't know why this was changed to begin with.
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User Info: assassin17

8 months ago#4
i think which format is better depends on a number of aspects, such how far apart the columns are, and how many entries the tallest or average column has.

in your screenshot, the columns aren't very tall, and they are close together, so i agree with you. but in other cases, columnar listing would make more sense. for instance, the "More Systems" dropdown at the top of the page has grouped by column for 4.75 years.

i rarely use dropdown lists. are there any others here, for comparison's sake?
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  3. Can we please change back the way the alphabet is sorted when browsing games?
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