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  3. Any update on an official GameFAQs iOS/Android app?

User Info: MF_Nook

9 months ago#1
I feel this is something that has been put into the suggestion box for a long time. There are a few third party apps on each platform, however none of them seem to be able to do what they are intended to do well/polished. An official GameFAQs app with both FAQ and Board support in 2018 is a must have, and one I shouldn’t be having to request.

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

9 months ago#2

Allen made a thread about it last February. Beyond that, we've heard nothing since either way, sadly.

Which to me would suggest that the idea didn't seem lucrative enough or otherwise worth the effort, but that's pure speculation as far as I know.
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User Info: FarplaneDragon

9 months ago#3
I thought I heard someone that's it's basically never going to happen and that's why they've been trying to improve the mobile site instead.
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User Info: Trialia

9 months ago#4
I'd sign this as a petition. I always use GFAQs on my Android & I'm very tired of having to pause to scroll a page sideways if I'm doing something complex for which I need a guide. I know for a fact that coding it so that the text wraps to the width of the page as viewed is not a difficult thing to do - why hasn't it been done, if they're not going to give us a proper app for the site? =/
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  3. Any update on an official GameFAQs iOS/Android app?
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