Letting users block all @ notifications?

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User Info: TriforceSD

6 months ago#11
I appologize, but i have to anti sign.

Blocking notifications, or at least the important ones, would be not be good.

Edit: I have an idea.
I've seen lots of complaints about @mentions. I wonder if suggesting a limit to how many times you can "mention" someone in a set period of time would be a solution. This way, people can still take advantage of mentions without being annoyed by trolls that want to abuse it.
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User Info: icevenant

6 months ago#12
The_Undying_84 posted...
someone quoted that post giving me another notification, then...

If that's your problem, shouldn't your suggestion be something like disable mention inside a quote?

Related to OP, antisign.

User Info: Mod

6 months ago#13
I think it would be a little more selective rather just turning them all off.

*anti sign*
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