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  3. Can vaguely expressed game bashing topics be moderable?
i love star ocean 2 11 months ago#1
I think their is a difference between a topic discussing different areas in a game in a constructive way than topics that are repetitive and generally lend itself to be a den for trolls.

Example 1


Example 2


In example 1 the whole topic is about how vague the user believes the game is. He does not provide any details to his general dissatisfaction, and repeats the same general expression of satisfaction to the users of the board that has already been expressed countless number of times by other people wishing to bash the game. This topic is likely to attract others who just want to express their general disatisfaction, and although some will be constructive, the whole topic serves as a well waiting to be filled with trolls and others wishing to bash the game baselessly.

Example 2 goes vaguely into details however does not go into details about his dissatisfaction, it does not lend itself to talk about a feature, instead serves as a magnet for more trolls with like minded ideas.

In both topics the users of the board are not informed about what the TC is complaining about.

Example 3


In example 3, an actual games feature is being discussed in dissatisfaction. It is a developed idea, and the users reading the messages know exactly what the TC is referencing. There are not many topics of its kind, and if there are then they are rightfully expressing the idea.

This is rampant for some boards and the same repetitive expressions seems like these users are expressing themselves from the same groundless obscurity.
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User Info: ironyisntdead

11 months ago#2

This just seems to lead to a slippery slope where all criticism of any game is silenced, lest you're modded. There's nothing wrong with criticism, even if it's vague--you need it to balance out the praise. If someone uses the topic to troll, mark and/or ignore them, but there's no need to go after the topic creator.
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  3. Can vaguely expressed game bashing topics be moderable?
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