Can we merge all pro wrestling boards into one?

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User Info: frostedflake77

3 months ago#91

User Info: ssjmole

3 months ago#92
IsGregor posted...
bigpatpunchhard posted...
Stan_The_Goose posted...
No offense but you're one of the reasons the segregation is good and why this may be a bad idea to get rid of it.

Imagine saying this to Rosa Parks. That's on the same level as this post. Disgusting.


This just proves they only want to merge both to troll. I mean comparing racism and the civil rights to asking for different sections for different companies is so obviously bait.
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User Info: EffectAndCause

3 months ago#93
I actually only watch WWE regularly, this is purely for practical reasons.

User Info: Veedrock-

3 months ago#94
Hell no.
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User Info: CMJoker

3 months ago#95
I'll rip your mouth off and put it one your *** so the **** comes from the right end.

User Info: MasterFoxCheif3

3 months ago#96

Do the
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User Info: unlosing_ranger

3 months ago#97
I agree with this
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User Info: LeperMessiahXX

3 months ago#98
The WWE board is toxic and I would just give up on all wrestling talk if it was the only option.

User Info: Galcian

3 months ago#99

It is working just fine the way it is

User Info: WarGreymon77

3 months ago#100
Why would ANYONE support a merge unless they just love trolling?
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