Suggestion: Allow community board owners to edit sticky topics

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User Info: D-Qwon

4 months ago#1
Let me start by saying that I've done a search to see if this has been brought up before, and I've seen topics requesting the ability to edit sticky topics going as far back as 2014. In every topic, people respond by saying that it's being considered, that it has NOT been rejected, and that the reason it may be taking to long to implement is that it's low on the list of priorities for site updates. It is now 2018 and it's still not possible to do this.

I understand that it may be low on the to-do list, but it seems like it should have been implemented by now.

I don't even necessarily care about sticky topics in general, but just an option for community board owners to edit sticky topics on their own boards would be sufficient.

There's a sticky topic on my community board that needs to be edited (and will need to be edited periodically in the future). I know I can just delete and re-post it, but that would end up deleting related conversation (responses) within the topic which is something I'd like to prevent.

I hope you will consider this idea for a 2018 update. Thank you for reading.
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User Info: P4wn4g3

4 months ago#2

There are some fair reasons this would take time and isnt high priority for even board owners. For one, stickies only need updated once a year at best after the board is going, for another the onus would still be on the owner to update all the info in the sticky so it isn't all that different than making a new topic altogether.
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User Info: DragonAtma

4 months ago#3

I understand that this is low priority, but I';m surprised that over the past 3-4 years they never found the time to get around to it. I'm not a talented programmer, but this feels like something that would be fairly easy to add, as the "check if they're board owner", "check if it's a sticky", and "edit a topic" code already exists. Of course, if I'm wrong, feel free to say so!
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User Info: BrelenRaven

4 months ago#4

That would be extremely useful for updating board rules or something like a Gamertag list. Hopefully it's further up on the list of to-dos now, ha! :D
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User Info: ironyisntdead

4 months ago#5
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User Info: MorbidEngel

4 months ago#6

I don't see how this is a bad idea.
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User Info: TriforceSD

4 months ago#7
Me neither.

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User Info: nesplayer

4 months ago#8
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User Info: zachflash

4 months ago#9

As a community board owner this would definitely be helpful, such as with needing to change links that go bad. Thanks for bringing this up!
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User Info: occupine

4 months ago#10

Doesn't affect me but I see the value
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