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User Info: gmo7897

5 months ago#11
Slayer posted...

Let's not use workarounds like this to bypass site restrictions, ok?

If the administration has decided to restrict consecutive line breaks to two at a time, that's their decision, and users shouldn't be looking for ways to bypass that. If they decide to open it up to three consecutive, that's up to them.

JoeNobody posted...
I know about nonbreaking spaces, but nonbreaking newlines is new to me.

If this is indeed the case, then that means HTML is not properly being parsed. Therefore, I * sign *.

It really doesn't have anything to do with HTML parsing, which isn't a function of the site anyway - that's your browser's job to parse HTML. I'm going to assume what happened is the admins decided that two consecutive line breaks were enough, so they put something like "if there are more than two consecutive line breaks in a post, remove the line breaks after the second" in the code. I'm sure the idea was to keep users from creating posts with wide gaps of whitespace, which can be disruptive, and since most of the time, users use two line breaks to separate paragraphs, they used this bit of code to limit that.
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User Info: Yukiko__Amagi

5 months ago#12
Oooops, you're right, I should have said 3 instead of 2. That said, my request is still the same. Just one additional consecutive linebreak, that's all I ask.
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