Make Expansions searchable or do away with them

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User Info: RFGalaxy

5 months ago#1
Honestly, I think the expansion system we have right now is incredibly cryptic and a bit ridiculous. But if we're going to keep it, let's please make it easier for people to use it. Currently, anything that is an expansion is removed from virtually every useful place you could search for it at. Please refer to this thread for some details.

Basically we go through extra lengths to hide the game from people? PS2 games shouldn't even be considered "expansions", they're literally entirely separate full games that you buy and put in a new disc and make new records saved to a new save file. That's like considering every single Xtreme Legends game for the Warriors series to be an "expansion". So I think this system is being abused for older consoles like PS2, and I also think that even if the system stays, please make it so it doesn't purposely hide the games from virtually everywhere you would find it except for an amazingly obscure link taking up about 12 pixels on my monitor.

User Info: -hotdogturtle--

5 months ago#2
Even for PC games (which are more likely to have expansions) it's still weird for things like Starcraft: Brood War, which is what 99% of people will be looking for if they do a search for Starcraft.
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