Suggestion: allow arcade games to be owned

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User Info: gacgames

4 months ago#1

This has been suggested in the past but never addressed by someone at GameFAQs that I know of.

I believe it makes sense to be allowed to own arcade games. I, like many other people, own actual arcades, as well as Neo Geo MVS games, yet we can't add them to our collection. However, we can own them digitally, or "used to own" them.

Yes, no?

User Info: nesplayer

4 months ago#2
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User Info: FishOfPain

4 months ago#3
I'm not much of an arcade gamer, so I didn't know about this until now... Gotta love that "Used to own" is an option.

Definitely a *sign* from me since it makes so much sense.
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User Info: Lightwarrior11

4 months ago#4

User Info: Emulator

4 months ago#5
Lightwarrior11 posted...
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User Info: JAYDAKID977

3 months ago#6
I don't see why not.
Emulator posted...
Lightwarrior11 posted...

User Info: ironyisntdead

3 months ago#7
You havent set a signature for the message boards yet

User Info: Lil_Bit83

3 months ago#8

If you bought it and use your pocket change on it, you own a copy of it.
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