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User Info: NM_hunter

7 months ago#1
According to this 2013 poll of the day ( about 70% of the voters live in North America, which means that almost 1 in every 3 gamefaqs user isn't in North America, myself included even though I've lived in North America before.

Some things I'd like to see added are options to set the date and time format. It's very simple/minor, but a little important. Forgive me if it's already added somewhere and I haven't seen it. I've been on gamefaqs more or less since 2006, and it's always been in the back of my mind but I never sought to try and ask for a change myself. The only regional option I see is time zone.

Some examples of proposed date format options should be :


as well as the same, but YY instead of YYYY.

This would make it a lot easier for certain people and non-North American newcomers to gamefaqs to read and understand release dates.

For someone reading, the 12th of January, 2018 is written as 01/12/2018 and to another person it's written as 12/01/2018. Vice-versa if a release date is 06/07/2017, it has different meanings.

As for the release date, as an example in the following link :

The top right shows the release date as "Release: Nov 15, 2013 »". I noticed that the release date (not in data section but in top right under game detail) defaults to the North American date of release (despite approximately 30% of gamefaqs users not living in North America and despite my time zone setting being in Europe), and if no release date in North America then the European or Japanese release date.
I think an option to choose our region of choice for the release date or showing the initial release date for all regions would be appropriate that way people won't see a release date thinking it's out in their region, but in reality it's only out in Japan (as an example).

Lastly: for time format, I believe adding a 24hour option would be nice but all the above is more important to me.

It's a really small detail as I think most people do understand more or less, but I hope something can be done about it.

User Info: gmo7897

7 months ago#2
I know date/time changes have been brought up before. I can't remember the reason behind not allowing different formats, but I do believe it was something - at least at that time - the admins were not interested in doing. That doesn't mean it won't happen, as that was years ago, but just that this has been brought up before.
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User Info: DiduXD

7 months ago#3
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User Info: Yukiko__Amagi

7 months ago#4
Hee hee.

User Info: wellington

7 months ago#5
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