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User Info: SaizotheSixth

1 year ago#1
Hello, friends. This is my first site suggestion.

I'd like to ask you all a question: how many times have you gone looking for a really old, long archived thread but don't remember the exact name of it?

Plenty of times, no? Same here. I've had to go looking for an old thread many a time, but found a problem.

When I would go searching for something based on a small amount of the title I remembered, pages upon pages upon pages of topics would show up, all having some relation to the keywords I put in.

Now, we can all agree that going through all of those pages can be a long and exhausting road, even more so when the thread you're looking for is ancient in terms of when it was last posted in.

So I would like to make a suggestion: the ability to search for topics by username instead of by topic title.

Not only would this easily reduce clutter by focusing solely on the topics made by, say, yourself or your friend that you're looking something up for, it would also make finding said things a breeze by, again, reducing clutter to focus solely on topics made by a specific TC.

While I will certainly try to understand if this doesn't gain any traction nor attention, I do thank you for your time spent reading this, and I also hope you sign this in confirmation of your support.

Thank you, and have a nice day~!
I'm a guy who likes helping his friends through whatever they need help with, even if they'll hate me later for it.

User Info: KeyBlade999

1 year ago#2
Ehhh... I can't help but think this might have problems where stalking is concerned. Not that a quick Google search with the right parameters couldn't suffice but then I don't think Google indexes often enough for that to work on fast-paced boards that purge like CE


Eh, consider me neutral.
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User Info: Kaga_Kouko

11 months ago#3
KeyBlade999 posted...
Ehhh... I can't help but think this might have problems where stalking is concerned

Just ban people who abuse it. Simple.

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DumpsterMcNuggets 11 months ago#4
Kaga_Kouko posted...
KeyBlade999 posted...
Ehhh... I can't help but think this might have problems where stalking is concerned

Just ban people who abuse it. Simple.


This. Maybe like all other things on GameFAQs, enable screenname searches if they get above say like whatever level is equivalent to 75 karma?

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User Info: TriforceSD

11 months ago#5
The marking feature should address all stalking concerns.

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User Info: SaizotheSixth

11 months ago#6
A final bump before I let this topic die.

Do feel free to ask questions about the how and why I would like this implemented, or anything about this idea.
All-around helpful dude.
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User Info: Some_Account25

11 months ago#7
your very own azure hero

User Info: Krystal109

11 months ago#8
Unfortunately, this likely won't go through because of abuse. While it's easy to simply say, "mark it", it's not an easy thing to prove stalking.

1) Certain people frequent certain boards and often post in a number of topics within a given board. This means that you can't really prove that an individual is stalking another individual within a certain board, unless said individual begins following a user to a board they have NEVER posted in before.

2) Unlike an individual post that violates the TOU, which can be easily looked at from a single mark, sifting through numerous post by a single individual for proof of stalking and harassment is an arduous task for volunteer moderators with limited back-end access.

3) The moderation comment field is too short to give any valid proof, such as multiple links. This makes it hard for an individual to leave a valid claim of stalking. (no idea why the comment field is horribly short).

On the flip side, there have been more than one occasion where I couldn't remember a topic title, but I knew who posted it (either because it was someone annoying or someone I knew well). In those rare cases, it really does vex me to try and GUESS search words to try and find it without being able to search a user name.

*signs* (even though it's unlikely to matter without significant modifications to moderations)

User Info: este914

11 months ago#9
Some_Account25 posted...
This Space For Rent.

User Info: icevenant

11 months ago#10
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