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User Info: OneTwoMark

5 years ago#1
My last two side quests i beat I only got 8xp reward. This seems really low, I could get that by killing 3 monsters lol. The quests were a contract 'patrol gone missing' and side quest 'blood ties'. Is this an annoying bug? Cause if so Im gonna have to reload and play after a patch as im playing on death march and want all the xp I can get.

User Info: jenova

5 years ago#2
I got that much for those side quests on the Xbox One. What level were you at when you completed them? It may be that you were too high a level and scaled your reward. Those quests were pretty easy, but they WERE all the way on the other side of the map at the Nilfgardian camp, which a lower level player probably won't be.

Also: did not know this game was even out on OS X. Good to know!
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