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  3. Soldier Statuette question. (spoilers)
Edible 6 years ago#1
I picked up the Soldier Statuette quest, and went to turn it into Triss, but doing so seems to activate the Now or Never quest.

Will I have a chance to do Soldier Statuette if I complete Now or Never? Yes or no answer is fine, thanks.
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HelloimLeon 6 years ago#2
Yep, you can.
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ossanboy 6 years ago#3
how can i do it? Im in now and never quest and I can't talk to triss about the statue

Shigmiya64 6 years ago#4
I'm in the same situation, have the statuette but Now or Never was active. I finished Now or Never and the statuette quest hasn't failed, so I assume you can do it at some later point.
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langystar 6 years ago#5
You won't be able to show her till near the end of the game
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edge929 6 years ago#6
I have the same problem and to my knowledge you can only complete it if you tell Triss to stay at the end of Now or Never. If you let her go (assuming you chose Yennefer as your love interest) then I do not believe she goes to Kaer Morhen towards the end of the game. I'll know soon enough. If you don't care about "cheating" on Yennefer then I think you can tell Triss to stay/you love her and she goes to Kaer Morhen. Not sure if there are consequences of this though, so make a manual save.
Redfeather 6 years ago#7
You don't need to romance triss. She is necessary near the very end of the story and you can give her figurines in novigrad. You'll have to wait until after doing her part in teh quest "final preparations". Then she will be in the inn room reserved for her.
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  3. Soldier Statuette question. (spoilers)
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