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User Info: Mcbasilrocks

5 years ago#1
I thought they'd have learnt their lesson after the Epic Mickey 2 debacle, but no, here I am once more having to complain about a Wii version of an otherwise excellent game. This is getting to become a habit. Let's take a look at why I feel ripped off, and why I'm sure many feel the same, eh?

- No 'open world' in the Toy Box to customize. Just 6 small 'modes', where only specific toys can be used. Want to set up buildings? You'll have to go to the relevant 'mode'. Want to shoot some generic targets? OK, go to the combat mode. Want to do both at the same time, like the trailers showed you could? Forget it. Ridiculous, Disney. There is no excuse for trimming this down. The Wii is perfectly capable of an open world.

- No 2-player in the campaign mode. This is truly absurd. Disney, listen: you expect us to blow $10 and up on figures from a certain movie, if we can't use them simultaneously with a friend in co-op!? The Wii is famed for its family games; why couldn't this have had co-op in the Playsets?

- Smaller/shorter Playsets compared to other versions. "Space limitations" my foot. If you can get Epic Mickey 2 the same across platforms, HD graphics aside, you can do it here.

- Less toys available for use in the Toy Box, and those that are present can only be used in certain 'modes'. Why are us Wii users always getting shortchanged?

- Just a general lack of unpolishedness compared to other versions. Animations are clunky, graphics are poor even by Wii standards, heck, the disc wouldn't even load in my Wii for ages before I had to send away for a special lens reader to get it to load. After looking it up, this is a common problem, if so, WHY HASN'T IT BEEN FIXED?! Also, another thing that gets my goat is that the Wii version doesn't even get the tutorial. No, seriously. Go look up a playthrough of another version of the game - in the other versions, there's a really cool, stylistic opening which starts in space, then has you lighting up the world, then teaches you the controls by showing you all the different worlds you'll get to explore, all led by Mickey himself. It's awesome. But what does the Wii get? No joke: we actually GET A PRE-RENDERED VIDEO OF CLIPS FROM THE TUTORIAL, WITH AN OBNOXIOUS NARRATOR DESCRIBING WHAT'S HAPPENING! Really, Disney? Are you seriously trying to tell me you can't even put the tutorial in? How are we meant to learn the controls if we're just watching preset clips of someone else doing it? Eesh.

And to top it all off, the Wii version and all the figures etc. are priced exactly the same as the other versions. Appalling. Well, there's my little rant over. How about you guys? Do you feel shortchanged too?
Heh. So you actually pay attention to these signatures? Cool.
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User Info: katydiddd

5 years ago#2
1) You are absolutely correct, as usual.

2) Good to hear from you. I saw your post in the bottom section of the main Gamespot site. Your computer options may have changed, because I didn't even see that you were "online" all summer. Last you said in your video was that you were taking exams.

3) I bought the Disney Infinity Starter Pack, Lone Ranger, and Cars, while waiting for Skylanders to come out on October 13.

4) In addition to all that you said, my biggest problem is that my character levels keep getting glitched back to ZERO. Sometimes, like when I put big Monster Tires on my cars, I can take them off and leave the area, to get my level back. Other times, the game (as seen in the pause menu) changes ownership of the doll, and drops it down to zero. (Compare that to Skylanders, no matter how many times you change ownership, the doll's level is what it is.)

5) THE WII VERSIONS are programmed by different companies, than the PS3 and XBox!!!
Junction Point and Disney Interactive do not have competent programmers for the Wii Console.

6) When Zelda Skyward Sword came out, they put on the box that you need a MOTION PLUS REMOTE.
When Disney Interactive used a new DUAL DISK, that would glitch on older Wii Consoles, they did not put a notice on the box. They just took money for something, saying it would work on the Wii Console, instead of saying it takes a newer Wii Console.

7) While I am waiting for Skylanders, I get tempted to play another Infinity game slot as a guest, to increase my levels. Even when I save the game every hour, my dolls still get glitched back to zero. So, I do not play, because there is little I can do in the Slot 1, and playing in Slot 2 as a guest is too stressful.
I am innocently playing in slot 2, as a guest, and checking the Pause Menu, that has a place I can click to take ownership. I do not click it. Then, suddenly, while playing, the game glitches the ownership, and my level drops to zero. I check the pause menu, and it has taken away the option to take ownership, because it has glitched the ownership to slot 2 and zero.
Even going to the slot 1 toy box, I cannot get it back.
My only option is to revert to the last save I have on my SD card.

(Skylanders' dolls never lose their level, unless you intentionally reset them.)

User Info: katydiddd

5 years ago#3
(Toys-R-Us responded to my complaint, and mailed me a $35 gift certificate.)
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