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  3. Man ... I just dont get this game at all ...

User Info: XRabbit08X

5 years ago#1
Looks likes it is designed to sell toys rether than to be a video game.

Tried playing with Mater the tow truck.
Only goes forward ... no reverse.
Steering is either on or off either full left or full right which is to wide of a turn radius to do any good.
Power is also on or off ... either full bore or nothing ... WTF Disney? is this the best you can do?
Kept needing to unplg and plug back in the Numchuck for it to work at all.

Man ... I just dont get this game at all ... and totally wasted all my money buying it.
Hope I can sell it on Craigs list.
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User Info: katydiddd

5 years ago#2
Make sure you have well-charged batteries.
Mater does make wide turns. On narrow ledges, I end up going forward and backward many times, to slowly get the turn.

"B" is forward; "Z" is reverse. Shaking the remote fires guns or scares tractors.

For races, I end up just letting off the gas to slow down.

I prefer Mater to the faster cars, because Mater is easier to steer around tracks or over cliffs, because the others are too loose and wobbly.


User Info: Pailzor

5 years ago#3
The XBox version works great, and controls are pretty easy to use, in case you have access to an XBox 360 and can trade your copy in. I dunno if you'd be willing to take another shot after this and the Wii U confusion you had though. It is actually quite fun, especially if you like collecting stuff in games like I do.
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  3. Man ... I just dont get this game at all ...
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