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User Info: MommySeaTurtle

5 years ago#1
I bought the starter pack the other night and the game disc will not even read in my wii. I thought it was a bad disc, exchanged it at the store and same issue. Read that I should update my wii software, tried that and it said my software is up to date. Any ideas, my daughter was really excited to play this game.

User Info: beckie1978

5 years ago#2
Did you work this out. Mine is the same? Thanks

User Info: Pailzor

5 years ago#3
Are you both sure you got the Wii version, and not the Wii U version? I could see that being easy to mistake.
Black: Pailzor/0776-4003-4903

User Info: cehmjh

5 years ago#4
I have the same problem... just bought the starter pack @ Target - we've had no issues with any other games on our Wii. It goes to start then "Disc Error" w/ black screen - says to remove disc and power down system. I don't get it - any suggestions? Disc is not scratched - brand new. Our system is updated and it is for Wii not Wii U.

User Info: katydiddd

5 years ago#5
Maybe you're better off not doing this game on the Wii (or any other console).
The Wii version is extremely truncated from other versions that are in the Prima Guide or on You Tube.
A LOT IS MISSING, and I go looking for it. The Wii Version of the Prima Guide on the internet just gives a list of toys in the Toy Box -- and does not say not to bother looking for things in the Monsters University and other play set games.

Even after my game did its update and install, I have had numerous freezes, where the video stops, will not move, and the console just hums (until it is unplugged).

Luckily, after the Epic Mickey 2 disaster, I have learned to stop once an hour, and save my progress on an SD card, and copy the SQIE data.bin into a folder on my computer.

During gameplay, it is frustrating when your character loses ALL level-up progress, and returns to zero,
especially after you work to get all those "green sparks canisters". You just look up and it is at the beginning of Zero level.
My characters always drop down to ZERO when I put monster tires on a car. A couple times when I put a "crow wing pack" "or Thunder pack" on. (All are necessary to finish the missions.) Otherwise, it is just a random glitch.

Then, there are places where the game glitches and does not add level progress -- no matter how much you do, and how many sparks you are supposed to have earned during a boss fight or doing a deed. At first I thought that I could just not see the character level sliver moving, then, I thought that maybe it was a video glitch, but the game would, surely, keep track of my progress behind the scenes. NO LUCK!

I think that the mean-spirited game designers just make it impossible to get to level 15. Check out trueachievements.com

When I play in the second game slot (as a guest), the game blips him down to zero and assumes ownership, randomly. This happens even when I am not in the pause menu, where this can be chosen.
So, now I save in both slots in The Toy Box, placing all characters on the base, and saving it to an SD card, so I do not lose all character level progress.

Happy Trails To You!

SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE comes out on October 13, 2013.
I bought this game from disreputable Disney, as something to do until then.
But, Activision puts out quality products.

User Info: bearinbluehouse

5 years ago#6
If you have an old Wii, it might struggle reading dual layered disks:

Is that fear in your voice, Barbara?

User Info: katydiddd

5 years ago#7
Thanks for the info and link.
It isn't just the Wii console that has problems. After releasing a Patch for the PS3, people were told to uninstall the patch, because it made matters worse.

When Zelda Skyward Sword came out, it said, right on the box, that WII MOTION PLUS was necessary. Don't even buy the game if you do not have that equipment.

Why wouldn't Disney save children, people, and stores the aggravation by stating right up front that the game will not run properly on older consoles???

My game installed, but has problems on both my Wii consoles -- one is the newer version. The other was purchased in 2007, but, when it had laser disk reader problems last year, and I called about transferring my Wii Shopping Credit to my other console, NINTENDO fixed and upgraded everything -- FOR FREE -- including paying for the shipping label.

Games from other companies work on both consoles.
Disney just sucks !!!

Even placing a power disk on the base can cause a glitch!

And, a lot of the things we buy in the Vault and acquire in game sets do not appear in Toy Box areas. I have no Enemy Generator in my Combat Area !!! Only two areas have a fan. A hundred things that were bought or got in a Play Set, and the announcer said would be available in The Toy Box never materialized in the catalog.
Then, you put about 25 little things in an area, and the game refuses to allow any more.
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