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User Info: grandmort

7 years ago#1
Okay, I'm looking into "moving" the community from TouchArcade (http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=184198) to GameFAQs, meaning developing interests around various threads with engaged players that haven't already "move on" to the next thing. (It's frustrating these days to witness how people tire of a product barely a few months after it's been out. BADLAND was release in April 2013, only 6 months ago!)

I believe there is a core group (Matt33, ogster, ZachWheat13 and myself at the moment) that is going to stick around for a while longer (at least another 6 month?), especially because the epic conclusion of DAY II - NIGHT is going to come out soon (and who knows, the devs might proceed with DAY III next year, that would be fantastic!).

Here are the possible threads I'd like to start with here on GameFAQs, I need support and ideas (and we can of course keep things going here on TouchArcade as well):

- You know you've been playing too much BADLAND when… (Fun discussion)

- Help Wanted - Compiling a BADLAND Walkthrough (This one could be a work in progress, co-authored by the 4 people mentioned above)

- Link to "SAVE THE CLONES!" Spreadsheet (For pure data)

- Achievements - How to get Them (Study)

- The Epic Sound of BADLAND (Discussion)

- The Story in BADLAND - What is going on (Discussion)

- Power-ups (Study)

- Challenges (Study)

- Your Favorite Level(s) (Discussion)

- Hardest Level - Casual Play (Discussion)

- Hardest Level - Advance Play (Discussion)

- The Four 80's (Discussion around the 4 levels where saving 80+ clones is possible)

- Casual Play (Discussion for most casual players)

- Advance Play (Discussion of advanced techniques; this is where ZachWheat13 and myself are at the moment)

- Pro (Ace) Play (Discussion; this is where Matt33 and ogster are - the GODS of BADLAND! - though information given might be sparse here)

- What missing game feature(s) would you want to see the devs implement? (Discussion; for example, personally I'd love a time-based Leaderboards feature; how fast can one go through each level in BADLAND)

- Help Wanted - Prepping an Interview for the Developers (Now, this is a bit of a secret wish of mine. I'd like to approach the BADLAND devs and interview them. I've done this in the past - with the voice engineers behind Ace Combat 4 on PS2 - and I need this to be well-prepared, well-thought of, basically very pro. I will welcome all suggestions and ideas but please run them through me first. Once we are happy with our interview questions, we'll submit them on here and GameFAQs, on their BADLAND Facebook page and directly via their contact info page on their BADLAND game site.)

- Clone saving - More is possible… (Matt33 and ogster, if you are so willing, I'd like to also have a thread where you could at least confirm with us where "More is possible," meaning we need to be able to eliminate first the levels where the Clone Saving is maxed-out - SPIRAL, SIZE MATTERS, etc. - then we need to take a serious look at where improvements are possible on other levels and to what degree. It will make the work load a bit lighter on many levels for advance players; you don't have to reveal what your counts are, just if improvements are possible. Example: we can all agree that 51 on TIME should "technically" be possible, same with CLONEBLOWER where, if lucky, once could "technically" pass through the fans with all 20 clones, same with UNSTABLE, etc, etc. This data needs to be available somewhere.)

So, taking all the above into consideration, shall we?
(Feedback of any kind is welcome.)
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."
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