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Let's Talk Chain Breeding

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User Info: EvilTheCat6600

7 months ago#1
So I'm interested in breeding a Druddigon that knows Poison Tail and Metal Claw. But to learn Metal Claw it must breed with a member of the Aron evolutionary line and to get Poison Tail it must breed with Seviper.

Simple answer? Chain breeding. But I only know how chain breeding works when you breed Pokemon to breed with OTHER Pokemon. So here's my question: IF I breed a female Druddigon and a male Aggron to get a Druddigon with Metal Claw, can I breed that offspring with Seviper to get a Druddigon that knows both Metal Claw AND Poison Tail? Or will only Poison Tail be passed down?

User Info: genestealer

7 months ago#2
Well you're in luck, females can pass down egg moves from gen 6 onwards only. So if you hatch a female Druddigon with Metal Claw and breed it with a male Seviper with Poison Tail, their offspring will indeed have both.
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