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User Info: Revoredo

6 years ago#1
Just for fun. If you can explain why, then it's even better.

Mine goes as follows:

Gen I

Fave: Squirtle. Most kids here had Red back then, and I had that version too. But while everyone started with Charmander, I got my Squirtle. He crushed the entire game and some friends’ teams by himself. Will always love the toise.

Least: Bulbasaur. I remember trying to start with it a few times and giving up pretty soon; too many enemies resisted his moves.

Gen II

Fave: Chikorita. I can’t remember how, but the first time I beat the game up to Red was pretty much a solo run with it. I always thought Meganium looked the coolest among the three.

Least: Cyndaquil. Never liked his looks and you could get a Magmar or a Vulpix quite early. Also, Houndoom was my fave fire type of that gen.


Fave: Torchic. Evolves into a fighting fire griffon? I’m sold.

Least: Treecko. Only Grovyle looked cool and he was quite meh ingame. Also, with Ludicolo there…

Gen IV

Fave: Chimchar. Fun to use and cool looking as a Infernape.

Least: Piplup. Empoleon looks a bit to weird to my tastes and it sucked ingame.

Gen V

Fave: Snivy. Exudes royalty.

Least: tepig. Never liked his looks and being frail and slow at the same time was a major gimp.

Gen VI

Fave: Froakie. The whole Thief -> Ninja deal, really.

Least: Fennekin. It looks way too weird as a Delphox, all with the tiny head, huge ear hair tufts and body proportions.
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User Info: InfinityZERO

6 years ago#2
Gen 1
F: Pikachu, since he could learn Surf from Pokemon Stadium! So that meant Raichu could learn Surf! Plus send him over to Gen 2 and get a Light Ball? What a deal!
W: Charmander, I used to pick him but it was so weak. Plus he was not as awesome as his Pokedex entry hinted. He is no legendary or uber, he's Neverused!

Gen 2
F: Cyndaquil, his final evolution could learn punches that negated his weakness: Water. Plus he is fast at the time so I went the whole game with him.
W: Chikorita, just lame. Straight up grass without the poison? Grass had a terrible final attack, Solarbeam unless you had Sunny Day out.

Gen 3 I hated this whole generation
F: Mudkip, at least the ground negated the Electric weakness but made it death fodder for Grass.
W: Torchic, really chicken fighting? The new Mega evolution made this a powerhouse, but what a stupid type Fire/Psychic for its final evolution. When I saw this in the anime with Brandon beating Ash, it looked incredibly stupid. So it goes from chicken to burning Hitmonlee? It didn't really have anything that screamed power for me. May using this in the anime didn't endear me to this thing either.

Gen 4
F: Chimchar, now this was a Fighting/Fire type mostly because it looked cool. Plus with Close Combat this thing was awesome. Now, Torchic beats this thing up badly.
W: Turwig, this looked the most boring starter and then it ended up with Ground. It only made it death fodder for Ice type.

Gen 5
F: Snivy because of Contrary. Now I find out that Dream World is over, so the thoughts of Leaf Storming are over!
W: Tepig, this just looked stupid. Plus, it's a slow Fire/Fighting type.

Gen 6
F: Froakie, Protean and ninja-like make this incredibly cool looking. It's signature move, Water Shuriken, is pretty crappy but thankfully its SAtk and movepool is better to use!
W: Fennekin, it's the most mediocre of starters and has a dumb hidden ability for its stats. If this were to replace the Charmander back in Gen 1, I'd think this was cool because of how broken Psychic types were.
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User Info: Scourge_9000

6 years ago#3
Gen 1:
Fave: Bulbasaur. It's just too cute and can learn many moves that are helpful in battles.
Least: Charmander. Charizard evolution= Mega Blastoise to the face. :P
Gen 2:
Fave: Tododile. Feraligatr, nuff'said.
Least; Chikorita. Easily defeated by MANY things.
Gen 3:
Fave: Torchic. Starts off as a little chick, then evolves into falcon warrior. Also great movepool.
Least: Treeko. Sceptile may look cool, but a Swampert or Blaziken can easily knock it out.
Gen 4:
Fave: Piplup. Personal favorite and Empoleon puts Infernape fans in their place.
Least: Turtwig. Torterra may be Grass\Ground but can be easily defeated.
Gen 5:
Fave: Snivy. Need I say anything about Serperior and its Wide Movepool?
Least; Tepig. I mean, come on. This thing is easily out speeded and defeated as Emboar.
Gen 6:
Fave: Froakie. Protean and amazing speed with Greninja. Nuff' said.
Least: Fennekin. Delphox has countless weaknesses, and I prefer Froakie or Chespin really any day in battling. I chose Fennekin in X to see if he was what people made it out to be, and it isn't.

User Info: Bearacudda98

6 years ago#4
Gen 1
Fave: Charmander (evolves into a not really dragon, that was good enough for me)
Least Fave: Bulbasaur (I suppose if I had to put one it would be this one)

Gen 2
Fave: Totodile (it's a crocodile, enough said)
Least fave: chikorita (entire line is boring)

Gen 3
Fave: Mudkipz (I lieks them)
Least Fave: Treecko (haven't really enojoyed that line)

Gen 4
Fave: Chimchar (the anime made me feel bad and sympathetic towards chimchars)
Least Fave: Piplup (empoleon is ugly)

Gen 5
Fave: Snivy (serperior is amazing)
Least Fave: tepig (again I like all of the starters from this gen)

Gen 6
Fave: Chesnaught (he looks amazing compared to the others)
Least Fave: Greninja (overrated piece of garbage)
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User Info: Analytic

6 years ago#5
Gen 1:
Fave: Squirtle. It's just something about that name that make me like
Least: Bulbasaur. kind of weak
Gen 2:
Fave: Tododile. earned my respect sweeping lance's team with ice punch
Least; Chikorita. Until he get a mega evolution he will remain at the bottom
Gen 3:
Fave: Torchic. Speed boost
Least: mudkip.I don't liek mudkip
Gen 4:
Fave: Turtwig. Not too overuse but not too weak
Least: Piplup. i learned my lesson in pearl when i picked it as my starter
Gen 5:
Fave: Snivy. Has swag
Least; Tepig. don't know where to start
Gen 6:
Fave: Fennekin. Looks hawt and not because it's a fire type
Least: Froakie. let see where it will be without protean
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User Info: Charmandurr

6 years ago#6
Gen 1:
Favorite: Bulbasaur. He's cool :P
Least: none. But if I had to pick, charmander

Gen 2:

Favorite: cyndaquil. He's my favorite one (even though he had the same stats as charizard

Least: chickorita. Meh.

Gen 3:

Favorite: Sceptile. He's fast, and my physical sceptile set is kool.

Least: blaziken: I leik mudkip and treeko too much

Gen 4:

Favorite: Torterra. I like him.

Least: empoleon. He fails

Gen 5:

Favorite: Serpierior he is one of my favorite starters.

Least: tepig. Meh.

Gen 6:

Favorite: Greninja. He's cool :P and his multi hit priority signature move saved me sometimes :)

Least: Delphox. Bleach.

Also, kool fact about delphox: flash fire houndoom pretty much WALLS delphox.
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User Info: Kanjuro

6 years ago#7
Favorite: Squirtle - Water cannon turtle is awesome
Least Favorite: Charmander - Evolves into discount-dragon, not as cool as plant beast and cannon turtle

Favorite: Totodile - It's the least like a rehash of the previous generation, also it's a crocodile
Least Favorite: Chikorita - Quilava is a bit cooler than Bayleef to me, sorry Bayleef

Favorite: Treecko - Fast, versatile Grass-type Pokémon in Sceptile, edges out Swampert
Least Favorite: Torchic - Blaziken's awkward design seals the line's fate

Favorite: Chimchar - One of the most versatile starters and one of my favorites
Least Favorite: Piplup - Prinplup beats out Torterra for least favorite starter for me, sorry Empoleon

Favorite: Snivy - The novelty of a line losing its limbs as it evolves is intriguing
Least Favorite: Oshawott - Samurott doesn't save this line at all, Pignite's just not as bad

Favorite: Froakie - Ninja frog is already cool, a Water-type starter that is actually fast also helps
Least Favorite: Fennekin - Delphox has a hideous model, a very restrictive move list, and the least useful signature move of the three lines.

User Info: MadDogRaid

6 years ago#8
Gen 1
Favorite : Charmander, cause i like Charizard
Least : Bulbasaur, no offensive capability

Gen 2
Favorite : Totodile, it's an alligator after all
Least : Chikorita, meh

Gen 3
Favorite : Mudkip, Swampert is love, Swampert is life
Least : Treecko, very weakened by Physical and Special moves split

Gen 4
Favorite : Chimchar, no questions needed
Least : Piplup, Empoleon loses it's resistance to Grass and Fire

Gen 5
Favorite : Oshawott, yay, a samurai!
Least : Tepig, fatso

Gen 6
Favorite : Froakie, finally a Ninja starter! With Ninja ability, too!
Least : Fennekin, it's hidden ability sucks
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User Info: project7zero

6 years ago#9 guys put my reasoning to shame mine isn't like any of yours by landslide. from gen 1 up to gen 4 I was a noob to pokemon (and understood nothing of the series beside battles...and yes even weaknesses) so I always went with fire those gen because...I ... yeah no need to finish that sentence
(too derp)

gen 5: snivy becase its final evolution looks just..slick lol

least fav oshawott tho its final evo is cool the anime made me hate it XD

gen 6 froakie don't know why but lately i have a thing for water types
least fave chespin.. I don't have a thing for grass types
(pretty silly right? lol)
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