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User Info: CalypsoKat

3 months ago#11
buugo posted...
@Anthonycle added you!

Added you! Please add me back?

User Info: Mysticcc

3 weeks ago#12
Gonna jump in here and add mine. I’m pretty sure mine is fire type. 3153-7501-9203

User Info: Scaryt

3 weeks ago#13
@Mysticcc added you add me friend code 1350-1644-0435 name scaryt

User Info: Darkzadar

3 weeks ago#14
Playing X/Y again to complete my dex. Please add me too
Name Cy

User Info: Scaryt

3 weeks ago#15
@Darkzadar added you

User Info: rain_fell

2 weeks ago#16

added all three of you!


User Info: dxxblo

2 weeks ago#17
just added yall !!
fc: 2552-7562-1962
my usersname my name

User Info: CoinsAndRocks

2 weeks ago#18

FC: 2638-5494-1954
Pokemon Y, Fairy Friend Safari: Kirila, Swirlix, Clefairy

User Info: XLR8-ing

5 days ago#19
@Mysticcc @Darkzadar @rain_fell ll @dxxblo @CoinsAndRocks @Scaryt
Added you all, pls add me back. My code is in signature.
Thank you
FC: 1478-8901-4752
(edited 5 days ago)
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