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User Info: kibawolfe

1 month ago#1
SO. I'm trying to breed for a hidden ability pikachu and I looked EVERYWHERE online for surefire answers to this with NO luck. Currently I have a pikachu breeding with an Electrike that has the lightning rod ability HOPING it will be passed down. Unfortunately I know the mother has an 80% chance to pass down the ability and the mother is obviously a pikachu with static. I'm hoping it has a 20% chance of passing down lightning rod from the electrike father but can someone confirm this for me? Also my pikachu is holding a light ball does this mean that the baby will be born with the special move volt tackle? (correct me if I'm wrong but it's pikachu signature move. its 2am and I can't remember for sure the name of the move.)

User Info: kibawolfe

1 month ago#2

User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

4 weeks ago#3
Pretty sure to pass down abilities, it has to be parents of the same species or parent X ditto. So...don't think electrike can pass down lightning rod to a pikachu.
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User Info: Red_Tha_Fury

4 weeks ago#5

I have a few Lightning Rod Pichu and Pikachu if you want one.
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User Info: Thard_Verad

4 weeks ago#6
A Hidden Ability can only be passed on from the mother. (Or the father if he's paired with Ditto) There's no way for Electrike to pass down Lightning Rod to Pichu.

With that in mind, there are three ways to get Lightning Rod Pikachu:
1) Friend Safari. This one requires you to beat the game first and get the right friend.
2) Dex Nav. A feature in ORAS, you can find Pikachu in the Safari Zone with their Hidden Ability.
3) Trade. People who have spares from methods 1/2 may be willing to let you have one. In fact you already have an offer in the post above! ^_^
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