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User Info: Kagiro

3 months ago#1
Just got back into Pokemon X and just finished endgame and I wanted to use Friend Safari but I don't have any, be mine? my friend code's 4313-6247-6830

User Info: Moonspider

3 months ago#2
Sure thing! I have two you can use.

5000-2574-7019 is my main
1951-4187-4425 is my alt

Anyone else can add me too
Would you like some tea?

User Info: NemuriNezumi

3 months ago#3
Audrey 0319-3251-5818 (I've been told mine is a water type safari, and that it contains Octillery, Floatzel & Frogadier)

User Info: NYN

3 months ago#4
@Kagiro I added you! My FC is in my signature :)
FC: 5043-6675-1710
(message deleted)

User Info: spunky07216

3 months ago#6
Will anyone of you add me and my friend? My friend code is: 2423-7264-2883

My friend's friend code is:

User Info: Wingedvix21

3 months ago#7
Please add me too :)
My friend code is 0275 8992 7629
I believe my safari is grass but I don’t know the Pokémon in it

User Info: Pgfield11

3 months ago#8
@Wingedvix21 hey, I’ve been needing a grass safari I added you I don’t really know mine could you add me back? My fc is 4725-9293-8220 and my name is Patrick

User Info: Wingedvix21

3 months ago#9
@Pgfield11 sure thing! Done and done :) when we’re registered as friends I’ll tell you what pokemon are in it

User Info: fgjeko

3 months ago#10
Friend name: fgjeko
Code: 1822-4399-8532

Just starting new after long hiatus... shaking off the cobwebs. Haven't played since Diamond
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