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User Info: KaneHyuga

4 months ago#1
Hey guys, I'm looking for FC's, if someone would like to share it with me, that would be cool.

Here's my FC, feel free to add: 3583-2244-6391

User Info: crashthebass

4 months ago#2
Mine's 4682-9783-7426 if you wanna add mine :0

User Info: KaneHyuga

4 months ago#3
Done, boy, looks like you have some Psychic types there. Managed to found some useful ones, thanks a lot.

User Info: Pkmnkevin

4 months ago#4
If you are still interested I have two.
FC 1: 1848-1830-9646 Kevin
FC 2: 3695-0435-5529 Chels

User Info: KaneHyuga

4 months ago#5
Got it. Thanks a lot, man.

User Info: NYN

4 months ago#6
Hi guys,
I added all of you, my friend code is: 5043-6675-1710 and mine has ghost types :)

User Info: BigVaasMendez

4 months ago#7
Mine is Poison.
Cascoon, Garbordor, Drapion
XBL-Big Vaas Mendez

User Info: Moonspider

4 months ago#8
I have no idea what’s pokemon are registered for mine, but I will register you all.
Please add me: 5000-2574-7019

User Info: JRyanC

4 months ago#9
I added everyone in the thread. My safari has Mankey and Sawk

Jack - 2080-2645-3613

User Info: Pokeelite5

4 months ago#10
I want to know what is my friend safari.
FC: 1908-3073-9265
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