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User Info: darknile

4 months ago#1
I'm a bit of an eccentric when it comes to pokemon as I like using rarely used normal pokemon to build teams.
On one of my teams I bred a 5 IV Dedenne for my female char on X.

I know Dedenne sucks for it's lack of fairy moves (like if I could only get drain kiss or a STAB move like Dazzling Gleam) but I worked with what I had.

Dedenne: Timid
Cheek Pouch w/Petaya Berry
Parabolic Charge
Charge (I want Drain Kiss/Dazzling Gleam/Moonblast here)

I think it might be pretty good in Triple battles since Parabolic hits all opponents in front of it. Nvm... Parabolic Charge hits ALL pokemon including team mates...

Thoughts? Laughter?
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User Info: Arishok

4 months ago#2
Not bad. I've never even considered using dedenne before.
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