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User Info: Queen_espeon

9 months ago#1
If anyone wants to add me, My friend code is 3454-3454-3638

User Info: Rx4Life

9 months ago#2
@Queen_espeon..added you!
FC: 5086-6786-5374

User Info: SicRob

8 months ago#3
Can always go to the friend safari topic in gamefaqs and most people there will add you if you give code
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Fairy-type Friend Safari with Subble, Swirlix and Clefairy.

User Info: Ladykaty

8 months ago#4
My friend code is 3669-2134-7623

I have a water friend safari.

User Info: ForgotmyPasword

8 months ago#5
I added you all! I think i have a bug type safari. Please add back
3DS FC: 0318-7256-8724
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