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Friend codes

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User Info: PokeGlitcher04

1 month ago#31
@Reydarz and @PokeMike try now

User Info: PokeMike

1 month ago#32
@PokeGlitcher04 added new code. @TheLastLaugh129 added also.
F.C. 3583-1828-0320
Other F.C. 1478-8710-5556.

User Info: heathbar89

4 weeks ago#33
Plz add
FC: 2165-7312-2593

User Info: PokeMike

4 weeks ago#34
@heathbar89 added
F.C. 3583-1828-0320
Other F.C. 1478-8710-5556.

User Info: CPLow

4 weeks ago#35
@PokeGlitcher04 @PokeMike @TheLastLaugh129 @Reydarz

Guy, I add everyone above this post
Really appreciate if you can add me back and let me know what pokemon in my safari
IGN: Colourful FC: 4700-1306-6115
Pokemon Y
I'll add everyone on here, please add me back <3
FC 3411-6354-4604 (IGN) Glooms

User Info: CoinsAndRocks

3 weeks ago#37
fc: 2638-5494-1954

I think I have now added everyone who posted so far.

My friend safari type is fairy with Kirlia, Swirlix, and Clefairy.

User Info: PokeMike

3 weeks ago#38
@CPLow and @Merotratica1990 added both
F.C. 3583-1828-0320
Other F.C. 1478-8710-5556.

User Info: PokeMike

3 weeks ago#39
Also guys I've picked up a few spare shinies (all legit caught) in my hunting for all male shiny game, also i have other free shinies that I've replaced with ones I've caught (don't know if these are legit).They are as follows.

Legit: braixen female bold nature in pokeball
braixen female gentle nature in pokeball
hoothoot female brave nature in pokeball
doduo female naive nature in pokeball
?legit: delphox male hasty nature in repeat ball
braixen male quirky nature in pokeball
quilladin male docile nature in pokeball
magmar male quiet nature in pokeball
magmortar male brave nature in pokeball
phione genderless calm nature in pokeball

If any of you want a free one hit me up on private message with which you want. It's a first ask gets it basis except for braixen as i have three. Only allowing one per person as i wish to spread them out fairly.
F.C. 3583-1828-0320
Other F.C. 1478-8710-5556.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Solnina9

3 weeks ago#40
Hi, I'm new to the forum, I need friends codes for pokemon x. I need Steel safari: Bronzong; Dark: Sableye and Inkay; Beetle: Volbeat; Elettro: Manectric, Luxio and Zebrika; Grass: Tangela and Gogoat; Fire: Charmeleo e, Ninetales; Ice: Lapras; Fight: Riolu; Normal: Dunsparce and Smeargle; Psycho: Xatu; Rock: Nosepass, Boldore, Pupitar and Rhydon; Spectrum: Dusclops, Spiritomb and Golurk; Earth: Trapinch; Poison: Kakuna, Cascoon and Toxicroak; Flying: Pidgey, Tropius and Wawlucha; Elf: Togepi, Spritzee, Clefairy and Blue Flabebe.
Thanks;) my friend code is 5043 3011 8521 and I have a spectrum type Safari. Thank you.
A, I am italian ;)
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