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Need to vent...

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User Info: LoveDove

3 months ago#1
I hate my luck! I breed over 2000 eggs for shiny Froakie, then get a shiny Murkrow on the 12th egg while breeding for competitive battling. I hatch a shiny Lapras after 600+ eggs while actively hunting for it, then get a shiny Magby on the first egg while breeding for a single Magby for the living dex! I spend over 10 hours hatching over 700 eggs for a shiny Cyndaquil, then hatch a shiny Gible on the first f%#*ing egg while breeding for competitive Garchomp! (Happened just now).

I'm so done with this luck
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IGN: Irene

User Info: Swampert0260

3 months ago#2
Chances of finding shinies are 1/4000 so you seem lucky to me . . .
FC = 4613-9670-1712 FC(Y)= 4141-2166-9405 IGN = Caleb IGN(Y) = Josh

User Info: Jostasia2008

3 months ago#3
Could be worse..

you could loose an important finger and never be able to breed Pokemon again!
FC: Josh 3368-5666-6982
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User Info: Assassin2713

3 months ago#4
Swampert0260 posted...
Chances of finding shinies are 1/4000 so you seem lucky to me . . .
Currently: Pooch & Yoshi's Wooly World, Flip Wars, Splatoon 2, Bomberman R, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, MHOmega
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