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Why do a lot of people hate this game?

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User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#1
Or at least that's what seems to be the case in gamefaqs. I just bought a new 2ds xl and am waiting for this game to come in the mail. What's so bad about this game? It looks like I has a lot of content and a decent end game. Not to mention like 500 Pokémon available to be caught

Doesn't look as bad as sun and moon or black and white imo

User Info: ZenGirlZoe

4 months ago#2
It has a bad story (in my opinion) compared to other games like Black/White and Sun/Moon, it's extremely easy, and it's completely devoid of post-game content.
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User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#3

Doesn't look devoid of end game content to me? Idk I thought black and white and sun and moon were terrible. Don't really play pokemon for the story either, just capturing as many Pokémon as possible and having lots of battles.

User Info: TheReverseFlash

4 months ago#4
personally xy's my favorite 3ds Pokemon game, I like the roller blades and character customization. Now my favorite Pokemon game is bw so take my advice with a grain of salt. (Also bw was my first pokemon game)
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User Info: PangolinWizard

4 months ago#5
Because it’s not the”almighty” kanto.
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User Info: Ecclesiastes273

4 months ago#6
"What does it mean to be a trainer"? This interesting concept is immediately stabbed in a back alley and forgotten.

The villain faction is of dubious quality even by pokeyman standards, and the game failing to address them beyond "everyone has their own philosophy" is dumb even by the usual moral relativism standards. Odd, as the faction has an agenda that could be accused of having something resembling complexity or applicability.

The "rival" earns those airquotes. Rest of the hometown group is fairly forgettable.

Here's an unmissable OP mon for free. Have fun skipping most of the rest of the Kalos ecosystem!

Champion is not very relevant.

Negativity's out of the way. Get ready to spend all your pokeball money on new clothes and haircuts. And get ready for rollerblading. If this game got a courtesy patch to be compatible with ORAS Megas, this would have been my stomping ground clear to SM. I still play X for breeding purposes, lol.
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User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#7
How many Pokémon can you catch in this game? And from how many gens?

User Info: Element-17

4 months ago#8
There are 457 Pokémon in the Kalos Pokédex from Generations I to VI.

For organizational purposes, Kalos and its Pokédex are split into three areas: Central, Coastal, and Mountain.
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User Info: Sharebear420

4 months ago#9
wow thats.. alot isnt it? I wish I could see the organized by gen

User Info: luiz2

3 months ago#10
PangolinWizard posted...
Because it’s not the”almighty” kanto.

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