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LF: Safari Codes

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User Info: madmo

4 months ago#11
My fc is 4425-1895-6036
I’m not sure what’s in my safari though!

User Info: Breaded

4 months ago#12
I added everyone! plz add me back!
FC: 0731-5587-1125

User Info: HecticMew

4 months ago#13
Added you guys :D

User Info: its4jruy

4 months ago#14
JetWolf1 posted...
its4jruy posted...
i have two fc

0319-1992-5278 i'm not sure what's in my safari


Just added both of your friend codes and can let you know what’s in your safaris if you add me back

Thanks.. I added you back

User Info: its4jruy

4 months ago#15
HecticMew posted...
gg132 posted...
While I wait for US/UM I'm adding more people. I can't remember what Pokemon I have but it's definitely a Dark Type Safari.

FC: 3394-3611-3824

Edit: it's Sableye, Pawniard and Cacturne

Added Back :D

2380-8210-8159 Pls add me

User Info: HecticMew

4 months ago#16
Added :D

User Info: duduken

3 months ago#17
Hello everyone, add me plz. Big is my mii name. Will add everybody on this topic back

3325 6167 2063

User Info: ddpvk

3 months ago#18
Add me too!
2251 9660 3495. I'm SCHMUTZ1G.

User Info: Sky-Satoshi

3 months ago#19
Here's my friend code. I don't know my friend safari type tell me if you can.
FC: 4270-5032-0203

User Info: madmo

3 months ago#20
I’ve added everybody in this thread but nobody’s added me back. Please do I need friends for safari :’(
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