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Please donate some spare pokemon PLEASE!!!

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User Info: Lmaster01

5 months ago#1
if you happen to have more than one of any legendaries shinies or event PLEASE DONATE the people on the PSS wont help me out so please help me if you can

mii name:LM1

please help i'm begging you

also if you have any pokeball or fancy pattern vivillions please tell me

User Info: MLVNLVN

5 months ago#2
Hello I beleive i can help u out hmu
Mmaelstromm fc:2724-4320-5457
Friend Code: 2724-4320-5457
Playing versions Blue, Silver, Moon, & UltraMoon

User Info: Lmaster01

5 months ago#3
i added you please help me :(

User Info: NaturalHarmonia

4 months ago#4
I'll help you. What do you need?

User Info: Brooky340

4 months ago#5
Donate for what? Use your words, donation is for a good cause getting shinies and s*** isn't for a good cause that's just wanting, and bragging. Say please GIVE me Pokemon so I can have some shinies!

Ever heard of masuda method? completeing the pokedex for a shiny charm, soft resets etc etc? You should try it.

User Info: Lmaster01

4 months ago#6
i'm not gonna comment any more on this due to the fact i was tired the day i typed it

anyway i'll give a latios and latias for diancie

i just need one to trigger the event in x
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  3. Please donate some spare pokemon PLEASE!!!

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