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Tank Ferrothorn EVs

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User Info: Veroveren

7 months ago#1
So as the title suggests, I am trying to have a damaging tanky Ferrothorn on my team. I will be needing your wisdom guys!

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Nature : Relaxed (+Def / -Speed)
Ability : Iron Barbs
EV Spread : 252 HP / 252 SPDef / 4 Def
Moveset :
- Leech Seed
- Power Whip
- Curse
- Gyro Ball

Well let me explain ;
1. I chose Leftovers over Rocky Helmet because it's not always everyday that you will be struck with a physical move. With Leftovers-Leech Seed, you pretty much have a decent amount of sustain.
2. I gave Ferrothorn 252 SPDef because Curse and Relaxed Nature can pretty much wall up physical attacks. Curse also cuts speed, which is greatly paired up with Gyro Ball.

However, I am still not convinced that this Ferro is tanky enough. Should I just go for Sassy instead?

I appreciate any help guys. Thanks
FC : 1779-5433-2746
IGN : Veroveren

User Info: BalloonBattle05

7 months ago#2
I suppose Sassy would be better, since you don't really need the defence boost
I wonder if several users here like to type with big meaty claws. If not, they don't defend dumb choices like Pokemon Transporter or Nintendo charging for OLMP.
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