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I need a Zapdos!

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User Info: Lander_Trades

5 months ago#1
Looking to trade one of my Shiny Pokémon (or a Meloetta) I have for a Zapdos! I’m trying to catch all the pokemon and he is one I need! Please respond if you can help!

Shelgon- Shiny and Level 100
Rampardos- Shiny and Level 100
Zorua- Shiny and Level 100
Foongus- Shiny and Level 31
Goomy- Shiny and Level 25
Meloetta- Legendary and Level 100

User Info: SangheliosTrash

5 months ago#2
I'd be willing to trade my shiny Zapdos to you for Meloetta. My friend code is 2853-2792-2194. I will add you as soon as I can as I'm away from my DS atm. I will also be Pokebanking it back to Gen 6 so it might take 5 mins after I respond to actually get in the trade.
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