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Need Friend Codes For Safari

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User Info: IllusionalFates

8 months ago#1
Hey! I need some Friend Safari codes for shiny hunting. Mine is 1264-0997-7923. Also, can someone tell me what Pokémon I have and what type I have? Tell me when you add me, what type and Pokémon you have and your FC so I can add you back. Thanks!
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FC: 1264-0997-7923 (PM me if you add me)

User Info: willekim

8 months ago#2
Hello! I also need friend codes for safari, I've never used it so no idea what pokemon I have. My code is:
5129-6070-4931 - Mike.

I'll add you!

User Info: Edrey

8 months ago#3
I added both you.

Here is my FC : 4682-9232-8695

My safari is poison type but i cant remenber which pokemon appear in it, i can tell you what do you have when you add me :)

User Info: ghost_tails

8 months ago#4
Try going to
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User Info: Edrey

8 months ago#5
Hey Wille, your safari is Ice type and the pokemon that appear in it are Snorunt and Beartic.

Thank you for the tip ghost.

User Info: pokafool

8 months ago#6
Fc; 0962-9532-4481
Normal type with teddiursa and Audino, no clue on 3rd

User Info: Surskit2907

8 months ago#7

I'll add everyone here when I get the chance.

Ghost safari I think
Shiny count: 470

User Info: jacozacaa

8 months ago#8
I'm not sure what mine is.
Pokemon Y friend Safari
4270 2380 0700
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User Info: Surskit2907

8 months ago#10

Added all of you

And @jacozacaa your safari is poison with Swalot and Kakuna. The third one will show up when you and me are both online at the same time
Shiny count: 470
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