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Best pokemon to trade for legendaries

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User Info: Dante3hsc

7 months ago#1
Im still far from the end game but figure its be nice to know what to look out for.

Since i would love to get some of the legendaries that arent available in my copy of the game, but would prefer to also keep my legendaries (or at least specific ones) what are the best options?

Also wondering what the chances of getting a HA torchic and a blazikenite are at this point? My daughter has Alpha Sapphire so worst case i believe i can get the blazikenite off there but shes still young so i would essentially have to play through her game myself for it lol
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User Info: Nabiki_Tendo

7 months ago#2
either rare apricorn ball pokemon , shinys or other legendaries is what people usualy want for legendarys the apricorn ball pokemons are hard to come by in gen 6 since you need transfer them up from gen 4
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
7 months ago#3
You might try asking on the trading board. I think some people know how to clone Pokemon, so I think there's a fair chance of getting what you want.

Also you should ask there for a HA Torchic -- since Torchic is breedable and HA can pass down from the parent, it would be easy to breed a Torchic for you.
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User Info: DaHawk

7 months ago#4
huh, I'll try that
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