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Friend Safari codes

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User Info: 23coljh

6 months ago#91
Also if someone has a frogadier safari plz add me

User Info: Cethlinn

6 months ago#92
Can you please add me as well? My safari is psychic with drowzee, espurr and giraffig.
My friend code is 0276-2893-4511
My in game name is S.
I will add all of you as well, thank you :)

User Info: ndmtheartist

6 months ago#93
Jpmonk posted...
Name John Monk
Code 3068-0172-0957

I have no idea what I have in my safari but I need a frogadier with the protean ability

I have plenty of Froakies with Protean, both female and male. I have a few Frogadiers as well, I think only one female. But they all have Protean as well.
FC: 3196-6935-2276
IGN: Naomi

User Info: locosilverwolf

6 months ago#94
Hello im looking for friend safaris. my fc is 1951-2907-2951. And my name is Wahya.

User Info: DiaborMagics

5 months ago#95
I just got my system, so I'd like to fill up the friend safari list a bit, too.

My code is 0276-2871-2186

User Info: DiaborMagics

5 months ago#96
Leeiteee posted...
Hi guys

Add me

3007 9260 5277

The name is Bruno

I don't know what I have in my friend safari, can you tell me? :P

I dont know mine either, can anyone tell me?

shiny_sylveon posted...
Hey everyone! I know this game is a little out of date but I was wondering if there are any folks out there willing to add me to their friends list so I can get some friend safaris? My code is 0018-5860-6495 and my pokes are magmar, larvesta, and ninetails, thanks in advance!

And I llove your name. My fav pokemon had been Scyther since I was a kid, with Ninetales in second.... this game actually made Sylveon #1 and Ninetales is still #2, Scyther dropped down to #3 after all this time and the countless playthroughs I did with Scythers over the years XD

EDIT: is there a limit to how many ppl you can register? Currently added 10 of you.

User Info: CPLSeraphim

5 months ago#97
I have 74 currently, but most people either never come back and add, or post their FC without adding people. I am not sure the limit if there is one, but I haven't hit it yet.
FC: 3368-5363-7142; IGN CPLSeraphim
Safari Pokemon update when I find out

User Info: Cethlinn

5 months ago#98
I have added everyone to my friends list

User Info: SunnyRae

5 months ago#99
I added all..FC 5412 9945 6449 on Pokemon y & 2423 3441 1152 on x..add me please..thanks all.
When the going gets a cookie! lol

User Info: locosilverwolf

5 months ago#100
hey i added you shiny_sylveon, sunny rae, leeitee, diabor magics. my friend code is 1951-2907-2951
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