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Friend Safari codes

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User Info: Jpmonk

7 months ago#81
Name John Monk
Code 3068-0172-0957

I have no idea what I have in my safari but I need a frogadier with the protean ability

User Info: CPLSeraphim

7 months ago#82
JP, I got you, do you want frogadier or froakie? If frogadier, I'll need a couple minutes to level it up
FC: 3368-5363-7142; IGN CPLSeraphim
Safari Pokemon update when I find out

User Info: Dante3hsc

7 months ago#83
Currenrly using my partners 3DS while mine gets repairs so i will add all these and leave my code once i get me 3DS back
Oac, So cek ec eh Al Bhed... fro? Lyica E's YFACUSA mega dryd!! :D

User Info: RestoringEden21

7 months ago#84
3883-6063-7276 is mine.

User Info: HardHead343

7 months ago#85
I added all of you, my fc is 3024-6021-6924 and my name is Rockwell

User Info: Zaraemelia

7 months ago#86
Hi! Please add me and I'll add everyone who adds me too :) 4871-6761-8181 thank you!

User Info: Zaraemelia

7 months ago#87
Hi guys I'll add anyone who adds me, thank you! :) 4871-6761-8181

User Info: jacozacaa

6 months ago#88
Someone please update the FC who have all posted tysm !!! I want a whirlepede so bad... my friend Safari is Poison: Swalot Kakuna and ??? Please add my FC:4270 2380 0700
Pokemon XY friend Safari
Poison: Swalot Kakuna ??? 4270 2380 0700

User Info: jacozacaa

6 months ago#89
Nightshade11 posted...
Safari List

Shiny_syleveon: 0018-5860-6495
Safari Unknown

AGoodName: 2208-9293-2542
Safari Unknown

Floofull/Nat: 0877-5324-9290
Psychic Safari: 1)Drowzee 2) Espurr 3) Girafarig

Mincia: 3626-3280-4357
Safari Unknown

VastUniverse: 2939-1592-9408
Safari Unknown

Naota500: 3007-8567-2702
Safari Unknown

vStella: 2766-0700-6779
Grass Safari:1)Pansage 2)Sawsbuck 3)Quallidin
(Pansage sounds more likely than Pansear in this safari :p )

Duzach: 2166-0700-6779
Flying Safari:1) Hawlucha 2) Doduo 3)HootHoot

Edgargames 2410: 2509-1427-1207
Poison Safari:1) Cascoon 2) Garbador

Leeitee: 3007-9260-5277
Psychic Safari: 1) Grumpig 2) Espurr

EmilyInChains: 1478-4642-7607
Fairy Safari: 1) Togepi 2) Swirlix

anandahito: 4871-7302-5967
Psychic Safari: 1)Grumpig 2)Espurr 3)Solosis

LittleRedBird/Red~: 4141-5996-1848
Ground Safari: 1) Sandshrew 2) Dugtrio 3) Diggersby

SednaArtemis: 0576-6358-0089
Water Safari: 1)Octilerry 2)Gyarados

Judaiandjohan/nate: 3325-6189-8769
Fire Safari:1) Pansear 2) Larvesta 3) Ninetails

Akatsunaki18: 0018-51341158
Safari Unknown

Nightshade: 4785-7953-6446
Ghost Safari:1) Shuppet 2) Phantump 3) Golurk

@Judaiandjohan =)

this is as far as its gotten for now :/
Pokemon XY friend Safari
Poison: Swalot Kakuna ??? 4270 2380 0700

User Info: 23coljh

6 months ago#90
Can you guys add me and also tell me what my safari is plz
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