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Friend Safari codes

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User Info: shiny_sylveon

9 months ago#1
Hey everyone! I know this game is a little out of date but I was wondering if there are any folks out there willing to add me to their friends list so I can get some friend safaris? My code is 0018-5860-6495 and my pokes are magmar, larvesta, and ninetails, thanks in advance!

User Info: AGoodName

9 months ago#2
Added you ^^
Friend Code: 2208-9293-2542

User Info: Floofull

9 months ago#3
I just started playing this game and beat the elite 4. My code is Hi everyone. My code is:
0877 5324 9290
I added you both, and I'll add everyone else who posts!

User Info: Mincla

9 months ago#4
Can anyone help me too? Btw my friend code is 3626 3280 4357. Thanks :D

User Info: VastUniverse

9 months ago#5
Added all please add back friend code is 2939-1592-9408, name is Charles. Thank you all so much.

User Info: Naota500

9 months ago#6
Hi! I just recently beat this game again and I'd like to find more friend safaris too. My FC is in my signature.
FC: 3007-8567-2702

User Info: vStella

9 months ago#7
All added, FC is 2766-9541-6506

User Info: Duzach

9 months ago#8
Hai all. Please also add me

Thank you

User Info: Edgargames2410

9 months ago#9
Hello please add me :)


User Info: Leeiteee

9 months ago#10
Hi guys

Add me

3007 9260 5277

The name is Bruno

I don't know what I have in my friend safari, can you tell me? :P
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