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Is Your Favorite Pokemon Good Competitively?

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User Info: rojse

3 years ago#81
NShader posted...

*cries in corner*

Doubles or Triples, Tailwind plus Dunsparce spamming rock Slide with Serene Grace = 60% flinch chance on each pokemon.
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User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#82
No. Cleffa is not at all good competitively. Its evolution Clefable is, but I don't like Clefable quite as much.

Clefairy is not good either. Gardevoir is great, but vulnerable to revenge kill.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

3 years ago#83
my favorite pokemon is so good it's broken, that's why it's ubers (Darkrai)

my second favorite pokemon is UU but really good if you've the skill to use its complex mind games (Zoroark)
I'm back to LoL for now (I also like maplestory and cabal online)
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User Info: Xensvet13

3 years ago#84
My favorite has fallen so far...

why metagross...
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User Info: Flyingmouse

3 years ago#85
Reshiram... *laughs*

User Info: EmiArts

3 years ago#86
"I consider everyone an Eevee, we all can evolve into many different things."
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User Info: mastaxeno91

3 years ago#87
Everything Pidgeot is capable of is done better by something else in every tier. :(

User Info: drlolimaster

3 years ago#88
Staraptor? yeah ill take at least 3 ohkos
i like lolis and traps 3DS FC 5129 1858 0109
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