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How do you EV train?

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User Info: Cosmoesis

3 years ago#1
What is your method for EV training? - Results (39 votes)
Battles w/ (or w/out) Power Brace/Power Belt/etc. and/or Pokerus
33.33% (13 votes)
Super Training bags
23.08% (9 votes)
A combination of the above two
38.46% (15 votes)
I don't EV train/Don't know what it is
5.13% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just curious to know.
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User Info: CptFluttershy

3 years ago#2
Combo of the both. I do super training for non 252/252/6 builds.
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User Info: ExcaliburOwner

3 years ago#3
Super Training mini-games.

Yes, I don't mind those.
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User Info: Lord_Ichmael

3 years ago#4
CptFluttershy posted...
Combo of the both. I do super training for non 252/252/6 builds.
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#5
Super training

I don't mind how much time they take, and I sort of like them.
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User Info: 91UKGamer

3 years ago#6
A combo of both really. I always do Horde battles to EV train but I do a little of ST if it's impossible to get the exact EVs I want just with Hordes.
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User Info: F_Rein

3 years ago#7
Both, Horde-training with power-items for the first 240-ish points, and then I finish with bags/Super Training.
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