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There needs to be a Mega for Vanilluxe ... no wait! Make that TWO Megas

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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
3 years ago#1
Gains fairy typing for one and dark typing for the other, represented by strawberry and chocolate ice creams respectively.
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User Info: BrassBirch

3 years ago#2
Can we just have rocky road flavor instead?
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User Info: lusofuso

3 years ago#3
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User Info: BlackBlueButts

3 years ago#4
Yes! The fairy could go mixed and the dark would be special.

Stats of the fairy:


Learns moonblast, play rough, dazzling gleam, thunderbolt, psychic and focus blast.

Stats of the dark:


Learns dark pulse, thunderbolt, psychic, focus blast, shadow ball.
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User Info: saturo96

3 years ago#5
Can't we have the "neapolitan flavored" instead? with an ability that raises the power of such moves.
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User Info: zinformant

3 years ago#6
lusofuso posted...
inb4stalactitenoticecream .

I can't imagine what led you to posting that.

Moving on, were they to go that route, Neapolitan is the only way to go.
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User Info: PokemonYoutube

3 years ago#7
Wouldn't strawberry be Ice/Grass? YouTube Let's Player
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User Info: DasManiac

3 years ago#8
Ice/Fairy would be an amazing combo. Glalie needs it. Hopefully a Mega Vanilluxe will rectify its hideous design. I really hope that a Mega reflects Vanillite's design more than the other two stages. Vanillite had such a great design that was unfortunately ruined by its hideous evolutions.

User Info: FluffySD

3 years ago#9
Vanilluxe is already perfectly balanced, lore wise since it becomes two at 2nd stage a mega "splitting them up" and doubling its moves would be more interesting.

Stat wise it gaining anything wouldn't make much sense.. Maybe 20 to Sp Atk, 20 to def 20 to sp def, 20 to attack and 20 to speed(or 40 to speed but ruins his dual viability) and most importantly CHANGE HIS FREking ability to that move duplication at half power thing.... Or give it god damn snow warning that it needs to be the true Ice Type it is. (Powers up moves during hailstorm would be cool too!)
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