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These knockoffs are everywhere!

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User Info: BrassBirch

3 years ago#11
Ghetsis posted...
BrassBirch posted...
KReborn posted...
The_RNG posted...
And what are you gonna do about it? Suggest that Pokémon gets turned into a gritty post-apocalyptic FPS?

While that is an original and innovative idea; I think what pokemon REALLY needs is an evolution to the RTS genre.

I am sure that many of our children would enjoy leading their legions of Braviary against the forces of evil.

In this day and age where our children can be easily misled into adopting self destructive philosophies by indoctrination of some political figures, it is paramount that the glory of patriotism be properly demostrated.

After all, education begins at a young age and children are the future of our beloved nation.

Lol a RTS made for kids?

Don't you remember how much Conquest sucked?

Pikmin is great.

That was made by Miyamoto though, any s*** he touches a year later turns to gold! :)
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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
3 years ago#12
Haha nice one TC. You got me good.
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User Info: Sykostuff

3 years ago#13
It's a game series about kidnapping innocent creatures, torturing them through the use of isolation and forcing them to battle each other as the slaves they are. What not dark enough already?
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User Info: SpecsDoubIade

3 years ago#14
Aegislash is a Knock Off of Doublade.
Let's just make accounts of the Doublades with items on it. Doublades wanted for glory.
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User Info: genestealer

3 years ago#15
You mean like this?

User Info: scitch1

3 years ago#16
dont like it dont play it and stop crying

User Info: YourLuck

3 years ago#17
SpecsDoubIade posted...
Aegislash is a Knock Off of Doublade.

And Doublade is just a knock off of Honedge.
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