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Think of an ability before entering.

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User Info: BlackBlueButts

3 years ago#51
Speed boost garchomp.

Oh yes.
I like black and blue butts

User Info: MidniteZorua

3 years ago#52
Zorua with Compound Eyes. I don't want to even know what that'd look like...
SSB4 Potential Mains: Mega Man, Pit, Greninja, Ike
Official Zorua of the Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS boards.

User Info: TheRealAsterfix

3 years ago#53
Adaptability Greninja.. OMG!
Friend code = 1263 - 6929 - 0920 (normal safari with smeargle) Asterfix is thy name.

User Info: Adam_Ace

3 years ago#54
Clear Body, Mew...actually that kind of makes sense.
(message deleted)

User Info: ShinyTepig

3 years ago#56
Speed boost Lucario... that might be good, actually.
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