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what should a trick room team generally look like?

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User Info: itrainpokemon

3 years ago#1
I'm trying to build one because choice scarfs are killing me. I kinda like gallade and maybe dusknoir can they fit into the squad? What about metagross?

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User Info: gsadr123

3 years ago#2
Have lots of fast Pokemon so you can use Trick Room first
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Mawile is amazing :)

User Info: Metleon

3 years ago#3
Last time I used Trick Room was back in early BW and I used Porygon2, Dusclops, Reuniclus, Scrafty, Scizor, and Latios. Porygon2 and Dusclops together could set up TR on almost any Pokemon due to Eviolite, Reuniclus could set it up as well as sweep with it, and Scrafty and Scizor worked well in TR but weren't useless outside of it. Latios was there because TR wasn't always going to be up and it could actually underspeed Volcarona at +1, who loved to come in and set up on Dusclops, and OHKO it with Psyshock.

As for right now, Reuniclus should still be your best TR Pokemon. Gallade is too fast and Metagross is a bit too fast as well. With the Steel nerf, Metagross also shares Dark and Ghost weaknesses with Reuniclus. Dusclops would be better than Dusknoir due to higher bulk with Eviolite and Dusknoir's Atk isn't quite high enough to try and sweep under TR. A Fairy-type setter would be useful, since it resists Bug and Dark.

For non-TR Pokemon, make sure your slow Pokemon are still useful outside of TR. Priority users make great choices since they can still pick off weakened Pokemon outside of TR. Also, you're going to need a Talonflame counter. Mega Ampharos could be the best Pokemon for that. You're going to want some sort of fast Pokemon as a cleaner and that really depends on your team.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

3 years ago#4
A double or triple battle team for starters,
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User Info: leadintea

3 years ago#5
pikachupwnage posted...
A double or triple battle team for starters,

Yup. Well, at least according to many of the answers in my poll about Trick Room:
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