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Who was the hardest Champion in Pokemon? (SPOILERS)

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User Info: GravelKing

3 years ago#51
wait people actually think cynthia was hard to beat
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User Info: DenpaMenRevive

3 years ago#52
Wallace beat me good. Swampert just died.
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User Info: jamiebane

3 years ago#53
cynthia had max ivs? news too me!

User Info: jamiebane

3 years ago#54
cynthia's pokemon had max ivs? news to me!!

User Info: German_koffing

3 years ago#55
Cynthia, Only champ I haven't beaten first try
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User Info: Zero0X0

3 years ago#56
There is no Red ._. he was the strongest of all champions (in black 2 white 2)

User Info: Rook_the_Ranger

3 years ago#57
GravelKing posted...
wait people actually think cynthia was hard to beat

ikr? My Floatzel and Staraptor had an easy time against her.
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User Info: aliashubbatch

3 years ago#58
How could anyone have had a problem with Cynthia? Torterra easily takes down half her team, and he was the worst of the Sinnoh starters.
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3 years ago#59
Your rival in my 1st ever playthrough of Generation 1

That is because, back then, I just used a Blastoise that, due to serious over-levelling, was in the high 70's by the time I faced him.

But I was not expecting to face him and, after I lost Blastoise, my entire team got wiped out less then 2 minutes.

After that, I bought the Generation 1 Guide, used a balanced team throughout and my final team was Blastoise -Water, Raichu -Electric, Moltress -Fire/Flying, Machamp -Fighting, Alakazam -Psychic and Victrebell -Grass Poison, they were all at least 4 levels them his strongest and at it was a walk in the park.

I made a similar mistake VS Generation 2's Silver Champion, but this time it was due to my entire team being under-levelled and selling my PP restoring potions to buy enough ultra balls to catch Ho-Oh, which I had to do after using The Masterball to catch Suicune.

But I learnt from my mistakes and in future playthroughs of generation 1 and 2 games, in their remakes and in future generations, I never repeated those mistakes. But I will confess to having made other mistakes that were neither as severe nor game/fun ruining as the 2 mentioned above

User Info: Lobster44

3 years ago#60
Cynthia was so easy, it was my first pokemon game and I still beat her with a scrub team. Adler was the most difficult IMO, but the E4 of every game was harder than the champ.
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